Christmas Tree Lot


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We’ve been selling trees at Christmas for over fifty years, since 1954! For over twenty of those years, our lot has been located at 2813 San Gabriel on the corner of San Gabriel and North Lamar. The lot and the kinds of trees we carry have changed, but all of the profits from our lot still go to youth charities in Austin.

The Tree Lot phone number is 512-391-2322 

Tree Lot will be open from November 29 thru December 16, 2013

HOURS:  1:00 pm to 9:00 pm Weekdays - 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Sat. & Sun.

This year we’re selling the following kinds of trees:

Noble Fir… These trees come from the mountains of Washington, from the oldest (over twenty-five years) grower of Nobles in the US. This is the premium fir tree, with its beautiful soft needles, conical shape and open branch spacing. Nobles grow less than the foot a year that most firs grow, making these more expensive. We have Nobles in these heights: 2'-4', 4’-5’; 5’-6’; 6’-7’; 7’-8’; 8’-9’; and 9’-10’.

Fraser Fir… We will have two grades of Frasers this year. Coming from the Smoky Mountains near Boone, NC, these trees are characterized by the dark green on the upper side of the needle, and the silvery blue underside. Frasers are wonderfully fragrant trees and have good needle retention. This year we have these sizes: 5’-6’; 6’-7’; 7’-8’; 8’-9’.

Grand Fir… These Grands come from southern Oregon. They are big, full trees, with dark green, long needles, that curl a bit under at the ends. Because the area they come from is a bit inland from the coast, they are used to dryness and retain their needles. We have these heights: 5’-6’; 6’-7’; 7’-8’; 8’-9’.

Scotch Pine… The only pine we carry, these trees come from southern Oregon. They are a very full tree. Their needles are less soft than the firs, but stay on the tree! We carry small Scotch Pines, starting at: 2’-4’; 4’-5’;5’-6’; and 6’-7’.

Natural Douglas-Fir… These are often called the “Charlie Brown” trees, but you can often find one with a great shape to it. They are much sparser than our other trees but soft needled. For some folks, this is the only tree there is! We have: 3’-5’; 5’-7’; and 7’-9’.

Garland... We have two kinds of garland: all Natural Douglas Fir and Mixed. It comes in 75' rolls, and we'll sell you a foot or the whole roll!

Wreaths... This year our wreaths will be made of fragrant, lovely Fraser fir. We have: 24" undecorated and 36" undecorated.

Click here to learn how to take care of your tree.